The increasing use of vaping and e-cigarettes is termed as a health hazard in many Vaping news. In Canada, the problem is mainly in young people, a factor that has called for measures to reduce their usage. Various provinces have initiated measures in an attempt to handle the situation.

British Columbia

The province has introduced a 20% tax on vaping products, restricted nicotine content in vapor pods, and requires warnings on packets. In addition, they support youth campaigns against vaping.


In February 2020, the province announced the introduction of a 20% tax on vaping products. No other laws on vaping have been initiated; however, various municipalities restrict vaping in public places.


Restricts promotion of vaping products in public places frequented by young people. The laws also restrict the sale of tobacco products to young people under 18 years.


The province has developed laws to ban vaping in public places such as schools and hospitals. They have also banned the selling of vaping products to young people.


This province has a restricted sale of high-nicotine products in places such as e-cigarettes. It also banned promoting in places such as gas stations and stores.


Laws require a photo ID in selling vaping products to avoid selling them to young people under the age of 18 years. Advertising of e-cigarette products in general media is prohibited and only allowed in magazines and newspapers with adult readership only.

New Brunswick

The province restricts the sale of e-cigarettes to people under 19 years. This group is also not allowed to enter vaping stores. There is also a restriction of advertising of vaping products outside vaping stores.

Nova Scotia

The province banned the sale of e-cigarettes to young people in 2015. They also intend to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in the province. Vaping is also banned in places where tobacco has been previously banned.

Prince Edward Island

The legal age to buy tobacco products in the province is 21 years. Vaping shops are not allowed to openly advertise. The sale of some flavored products is also banned. Misleading information on vaping is also prohibited.

Newfoundland and Labrador

The sale of 19 years is prohibited in the province. The sale of vaping products is prohibited where tobacco is also prohibited. Promotional of vaping materials should not be visible outside the vaping shop. The vaping shops are only allowed to sell vaping products.


Currently, Yukon has not established any laws to control vaping. However, laws are underway to set the legal age of buying a vaping product at 19 years. The law will also restrict the advertisement of vaping by displaying materials outside vaping shops.

Northwest Territories

The province has laws that regulate the sale, use, and advertising of vaping products. Use of vaping products is prohibited in people below 19 years. The sale of food items that resemble vaping products is also prohibited. The products should also not be sold near public facilities such as schools and hospitals.


The current laws only direct the places where vaping can be done; however, the development of news is underway to put more restrictions.

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