Suppose you are a marijuana user or advocate of CBD products. You can use CBD in Canada freely. In that case, you might be thrilled to continue indulging the habit in progressive countries like the USA, Canada, and most European countries. Why? It is so because, in those countries, the majority of the local regions have legalized cannabis products. However, if you need to board the plane, you might encounter a few obstacles first.

State Of CBD Oil Legality

If you are residing in a region where CBD products are legal, or you are cleared medically to possess and use them, it is only logical to think that you can carry those products to destinations, Canada, for example, that also legalized their use and possession.

If not, then you can encounter problems with law enforcement agencies before even boarding the plane. Here are the locations where cannabis products are pretty much allowed and their respective limitations.

European Countries

The majority of European countries allow people to carry CBD oil products. However, the limitation of the THC content must be up to 0.2 percent only.


In the USA, regulations regarding CBD are being handled by the Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA. The CBD products allowable are those that are limited to 0.3 percent of THC only, hence the ‘full-spectrum products. The catch is that not all states have the same views about cannabis regulation.


CBD oil in Canada seems to be more than just allowed. In fact, the legalization of cannabis in that country is so liberating for advocates that they are not even prohibited from possessing a CBD product without any THC content restriction. You can even travel with a month’s worth of supply of CBD products via airplane.

Travelling With CBD Oil

Take note; you can fly carrying CBD products to the said locations, granted that you also follow their airport regulations. Now that you are aware of CBD legality in the aforementioned locations, it will be beneficial if you are informed on how to travel with CBD oil products.

Here are some important tips in order to ensure an obstacle-free flight:

Bring Proof For CBD Oil Being Hemp-Derived

A product that is derived from hemp usually is viewed as those with very small traces of THC. If airport officials see that proof, then they may feel assured that the THC content of the product is at most 0.3 percent. Remember that THC is the addictive aspect of the cannabis plant and the main culprit for being in the same category as meth and cocaine.

Be Informed With Local Regulations

Aside from the national and regional policies, you need also to follow the rules and regulations of the specific location you are residing. If you are staying in a hotel or relaxing in a restaurant, make sure they allow the customers to indulge in their CBD products. If you assumed too much, you might not notice that you’re already disobeying.

Adhere To The Airport Rules

For example, since Canada has no restrictions to the THC content of the CBD product and you even bring a month’s worth of supply, you might be tempted to maximize that leeway. However, CBD oil is liquid after all, and carrying such will be subjected to the airport rules. The law can vary depending on which country you are from or going to.


The best way to secure a worry-free flight even if you plan to continue your cannabis habits is to be prepared. Your preparation must come with correct information, practice great organization and be in accordance with the law.

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