1. Branch’s Seine River Lodge– is a lodge-based at the center of Sunset Country that offers a complete service of fishing and hunting. They hold events for hunting in Ontario, hunting huge and strong Black bears. They also have a good population of moose in their area. Plus, they offer rentals for their hunters to stay.
  2. Browns’ Clearwater West Lodge– Barry Brown offers Game Hunts with Black bear, Moose, Timber Wolf, Hare, Whitetail Deer, and Grouse as their main aims for hunting. Plus, they have lodgings where their hunter rests before starting another hunting day.
  3. Crystal Beach Resort– the only resort found on Crystal Lake that offers affordable services. They allow their customers to plan their own vacation as they don’t offer packages.
  4. Finlayson Resort and Campground– located at the Finlayson Lake, they welcome hunters as well. They also have available cabins for their hunter guests to rest.
  5. Indiaonta Resort– with their well-planned management for wildlife, they have a healthy number of moose and bear for their hunting guests. The success rate for hunting is almost 100% sure as they offer very effective baits.
  6. Perch Lake Lodge– they can plan their vacation for their guests. It’s a place not that far to drive, yet it is also enough to make you feel you’re away from civilization. They offer cabins, accommodations for large groups, RV sites, Campsites, Deer and Moose Hunting games, and etc.
  7. Niobe Lake Lodge– based at the center of Quetico Country, even though small, this resort can still cater to your necessities as an adventurer. Their dining room offers a special menu for their hungry hunters. Plus, they have comfy cottages situated at the side of the Niobe Lake with complete amenities such as kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, cabled TV, and a perfect view of the lake itself.