1. Camp Quetico– this resort allows their guests to go fishing in the wonderful Eva Lake. About 40 lakes are just nearby for their guests to try fishing in different areas catching different kinds of fishes.
  2. Canadian Quetico Outfitters– is the nearest outfitter that provides complete service to Dawson Trail on their areas of entry. Their shuttles are available in all areas of entry in Northern Quetico and in airports at International Falls MN and Thunder Bay.
  3. Canoe Canada Outfitters– known as one of the best outfitting masters for canoe adventures in Quetico. It was built since 1974, and ever since, had a growing reputation of their work. Plus, they also provide the best canoes, safety gear, and foods specially prepared by their staff members. They also have bunkhouse accommodations, convenient stores, offices, and etc.
  4. Fletcher Canoes– the no. 1 supplier of personalized canoes that are made up of the best quality materials. They use the finest materials that contribute to their canoe’s strength in taking up weight.
  5. Quetico Provincial Park 450,000 hectare land in Ontario joined with bodies of water that offer their guests a vast canoe trip experience. Also known as one of the excellent canoeing parks all over the world.
  6. Souris River Canoes– have been creating strong, quick, and easy to maneuver canoes for more than 30 years. They are also one of the most famous canoe makers worldwide.
  7. Voyageur Wilderness Programme– offers personalized adventure tours made by their “trip specialists” providing their guests’ services such as outfitting, canoeing, meals and rentals, facilities for relaxation, and etc.