The town of Atikokan has been established since 1899. It is a community formed by its people, its practices, and the beauty that surrounds it. Atikokan which means ‘caribou bones’ holds on very much to their traditions.

Even in the midst of difficulties in the kind of life Atikokan people live, they always have a good spirit to transcend difficulties in order to survive and grow as a community.

It is a community that is happy and family-friendly, it is proud of what it has become, and strives to continue its legacy no matter what. Even if it is an accessible place, it still gives its visitors the feeling of being far away from modernization. It is a small-town that allows you to breathe and relax from all the stresses of life.

The people of Atikokan are always glad to have new people around them no matter how long they might want to stay because they are very proud to be known as the “Canoeing Capital of Canada”.

Anyone can go learn fishing, hunting, and paddling in this town with Atikokan people happily assisting them. But for those who just want to relax, there are a lot of bars, coffee shops, and family restaurants open for meeting friends and family.

Lastly, guests don’t have to worry about buying groceries as they also have different convenient stores open to provide everyone their basic needs.