Most parents are concerned about vaping as a health issue. As mentioned by Eurovap, Though vaping is under the impression that it is less harmful than cigarettes, the truth is it is an epidemic. In fact, it is associated with the cause of lung cancer in the United States. For this reason, most states prohibited the sale of vapes while the outbreak is not yet resolved.

If you are a parent or merely a citizen who is concerned about the health of your children, here are ways how you can control the vaping epidemic in your community.

  1. Help your Board of Health enforces laws regulating the use of vape

Vape or tobacco laws vary across the countries. It is important that you are educated in these laws so you would know how you could help the authorities and your Board of health implement the laws. Check if these laws are carefully observed. You can do so by evaluating if the Board of Health is in compliance with the vaping law or City ordinance.

  1. Report local store or retailers selling vape products

It is never a good idea to turn vapes as a profit, especially to children. High school kids are primarily the target of most retailers. A single retailer store can supply vape products to hundreds of kids. Hence, once you found out a local store selling these products, report them right away to the authorities.

  1. Encourage your local councilors to improve the vape laws in your City or Town

Prevention is really better than cure. There can be no vapers if there are no stores selling them. Thus, instead of investigating who use vape, focus on who sells them. Advise your local councilors to improve existing vape laws by increasing fines for retailers.

You can tell them to include the revocation of business permits to those stores that try to sell them. You can also advise them to make an ordinance increasing the surveillance to better identify stores that offer vape products to minors. You can easily prevent the proliferation of vapers in your community this way.

  1. Have a prevention campaign by informing your community about the dangers of vaping.

If you are scared of the wide outbreak of the lung cancer epidemic, you must know that a prevention campaign is extremely important. Many people are still misinformed about the dangers of Vape considering online advertising and messaging are rampant. People must know that Vape is not a good alternative for cigarettes and is actually harmful to one’s physical health.

This particular step is urgent if you are really eager to control the epidemic in your town. You can organize forums about this issue to some schools or in your community. You can invite experts to better explain the dangers one may get in using vape.


Controlling the use of vape is a tough job. Utmost support from the community is needed. However, despite these measures, you should know that so long as that the sale of vape is legal to adults, controlling the epidemic is still extra difficult. If you are looking for a sensible approach, the entire ban of vape products can go a long way.

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