Can I take CBD oil on a plane? If you’re familiar with the marijuana sector in general, you’re aware that laws are constantly changing (Extra resources). The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill allowed the production, manufacturing, and selling of hemp-derived items.

Traveling with medicinal cannabis, hemp-derived CBD products including CBD oil, candies, vaping devices, lotions, or any other item approved Food and Drug Administration has become entirely lawful.

However, you should also worry about passing through transportation security inspections. Here are 5 easy ideas to help you journey without difficulties.

1. Bring the necessary documentation

Right now, you can only take CBD for two purposes. The first is for medical reasons, and the second is for recreational purposes. As a result, you must have the documents for your CBD products on hand at all times.

If you’re taking CBD on a plane for medical purposes, have your doctor’s recommendation with you. You’ll also require the accompanying health certificate. You should be able to breeze past security checks with these two, making things easier for authorities and yourself.

2. Carry Only the Allowed Dosage

If you’d like to pass security checks in different states, keep the amount of CBD you carry with you under the permitted limit. In most jurisdictions, you are only permitted to bring sufficient medication for thirty days of prescribed use.

To put it another way, you can’t pack CBD into your suitcase and hope to arrive at your destinations. If you ever discover yourself carrying more CBD than what is authorized, you might expect to face legal consequences. Additionally, officers at inspections will seize your CBD.

3. Examine and bring the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for your CBD-based product

Not all CBD-based goods are of the same caliber. In the CBD market, low-quality goods can have inaccurate cannabinoid levels. Even though the label claims differently, the products may have THC in certain instances. As a result, such a product is prohibited.

As a result, you should carefully study the COA and components of CBD products before purchasing, especially if you plan to travel with them. Check to see if the THC levels are less than 0.3 percent.

4. Make sure your CBD product is properly packaged.

The TSA has particular rules for liquid items that must be met when traveling, and CBD products like creams and oils should pass these guidelines. A quart-sized bag containing creams, pastes, fluids, gels, and sprays is allowed for all passengers.

We also don’t recommend mixing your CBD products with other drinks. It’s tempting to segregate oils from many other fluids, but this isn’t a good idea. Place every liquid-based CBD in the same container as other liquids, ideally in a sealed plastic bag.

5. Understand Your Destination’s Laws

Before traveling to a new place, it’s critical to learn the laws and regulations of the place you’ll be going. If you’re flying domestically or internationally, the study will tell you where, why, and how you can bring CBD.

CBD is permitted in some countries, including Australia, France, Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom.


It is critical to always be aware of the rules and make sure you’re not breaking any of them. As a result, you would like to understand what you’re allowed to do so you don’t break any rules.

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