Summary: Revised preliminary park management plan for Quetico

Summary: Revised preliminary park management plan for Quetico

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The document: Revised preliminary park management plan (94 pages). Once approved, this plan will provide policy direction for the management of the Park for the next twenty years

Access: Visit (the Environmental Registry) and search for Quetico

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Comment period: Until July 4, 2017

Predecessor: Work on the management plan started in July, 2006, with the release of terms of reference. A background document on the Park and its issues followed a year later. A management options document covering nine topics was released in August, 2010. The first preliminary park management plan was released in September, 2013. A consultation period followed each of these stages.

The revised plan notes that “engagement with Lac La Croix First Nation had been very limited to non-existent due to a number of factors” during the preparation of the first preliminary park management plan.

Next: This is the fifth of six stages in the management planning process, and will be followed by release of the approved park management plan.

Immediate impact: The revised preliminary park management plan includes proposed direction that would require regulation changes, including:

  • allow continued motorized guiding by members of the Lac La Croix Guides Assoc. on ten lakes (which is reduced from the twenty lakes permitted previously);
  • identify four lakes where aircraft landing is permitted by members of the Lac La Croix Guides Assoc.;
  • identify two lakes where commercial outfitters may land aircraft;
  • allow licensed trappers to land aircraft in certain circumstances; and
  • allow landing of aircraft on two lakes for access to private property.

If the park management plan is approved, subsequent regulation changes will be made to Ontario Regulation 346/07 under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act (Mechanized Travel in Wilderness Parks).

History: The initial Quetico Provincial Park Master Plan was approved in 1977. The approved plan provided an expression of how the government intended the park to be developed and managed. Reviews of the plan were undertaken in 1982, and in 1988, to ensure it remained current and relevant, and to address specific issues. A major amendment proposal by the Lac La Croix First Nation was initiated in 1992 which resulted in the Lac La Croix Agreement of Co-existence and the Revised Park Policy (1995). This agreement will provide opportunities for employment and economic diversification.

Preparation of the new park management plan will be guided by existing, approved secondary plans, the Quetico Provincial Park Fire Management Plan (1997), and the Fishery Stewardship Plan for Quetico (2006).

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